La Maison du Gruyère is  opposite the station Gruyères.

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A new bus line connects Moléson-Village to Jaun.

It allows you to access without change from Gruyères station :

  •  town of Gruyères-Ville
  • Moléson Village
  • Chocolaterie Cailler in Broc Fabrique
  • Electrobroc in Broc Fabrique
  • Bains de la Gruyère in Charmey, Corbettaz
  • Musée de Charmey in Charmey, Village

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And why not a round course ?

From Bern to Broc-Fabrique by train, from Broc-Fabrique to Gruyères by bus, then back to Bern by train.

From Lausanne to Gruyères by train, from Gruyères to Broc-Fabrique by bus, then back to Lausanne by train.